Interview with Aunty M

On the afternoon of Sunday 3 July I spent an hour or so chatting about my work life and how I have come to this point where I am calling myself a poet, writing everyday and producing a spoken word night.

“Just listened and It’s great to hear more of your story and the changes since The Spark. Your courage, strength, creativity, authenticity, and lovely confidence come across really clearly. So moving to hear your progress. Thanks for the affectionate memories of The Spark. Well done, I’m very proud of you Beccy.”

John Dawson, founder of The Spark

I’ve never thought of myself as having a ‘career’ but it was really interesting to reflect on the different jobs and industries I have worked in, and how, somehow, it all seems to make perfect sense that I am here now doing what I do. There is a certain flow to it all, and all the skills and experience I have combine pretty neatly.

“I listened to it too! Ah Beccy, you wonder being, you, what a pleasure to hear your story! I love how you’re taking your space in the world. Your gifts are so hearty and lush, it’s been a privilege to support you to step out of the way and allow them to flow through you and out into the world. More Beccy Golding!”

Holly Stoddart

It feels apt to have been interviewed and reach these conclusions while promoting Stone the Crones, which is all about celebrating the creative voices and experience of older women. Of which I’m one! Hey, perhaps I am becoming one of those ‘elders’ of which I speak.

“I just listened. It was amazing. I loved your poem at the end and am totally inspired.”

Milly Maloney

At our free Stone the Crones workshops participants have two hours to create a poem which they can then perform at the open mic in the evening. The interview was the day after one of these workshops, so in the spirit of jumping in with both feet, I shared the poem I had written the morning before. Aunty M added a lovely soundtrack and made this fab little reel.

The Aunty M podcast is created by Mercedes Yearley and Perdie Hatton-Brown. Perdie is a member of a very dear family of friends that I have known since I was very little – her mum and my mum were like sisters. It was so nice to spend this relaxed hour with Aunty M and Aunty P!

The podcast can be listened to on Spotify, Acast and itunes. It’s 42 minutes long.

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