Stone the Crones

In May 2022 I was awarded a grant from Bristol City Council to create Stone the Crones.

Stone the Crones is a monthly spoken word night in Bristol featuring older/aging/elder women, plus accompanying monthly workshop to create material, develop skills, build confidence & community.

Stone the Crones is about finding our voices and reclaiming the concept of crone as a fierce, strong, wise elder woman.


Dates for the first six months of events are already mapped – put them into your diary!

  • Saturday 11 June 2022
  • Saturday 9 July
  • (no August)
  • Saturday 10 September
  • Saturday 8 October
  • Saturday 12 November
  • Saturday 10 December

To book tickets for Stone the Crones spoken word night or a workshop space go to the Stone The Crones Eventbrite page.

Spoken word event

The monthly evening events will be held in the beautiful café at Windmill Hill City Farm, south Bristol, on the second Saturday of each month.

Hosted by Beccy Golding, there will be open mic slots (with priority going to women who have attended the morning workshop), 2 sets from more established older women writers and some silly fun audience participation, ending with an 80s disco – a chance to dance, relax and connect in a welcoming space.

Saturday morning workshops

Workshops will be held in a shop space in Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Knowle. Small, welcoming, informal 2-hour sessions open to 6 women per month. Hosted by Beccy Golding and facilitated by expert writers and group leaders, participants will be supported to create a new poem to perform in the evening (if they wish).

Funding & future

Bristol City Council Originators Fund is supporting the first six months of Stone the Crones – for that I am massively grateful. I see this as the beginning of an ongoing, bigger and wider project and will be looking at ways to make it continue into the future, reach more people and support the creativity of older / aging / elder women in Bristol and beyond!

Stone the Crones socials

Cartoonist & activist Kate Evans created the Stone the Crones profile pic, as part of a cartoon strip celebrating International Women’s Day back in 2013. I have always loved the energy, vibrancy and sheer RARGHH of it – this is what I want our monthly events to be like (maybe not with the running off into the sunset naked, but who knows…)
Thanks to Cartoon Kate for giving us permission to use the image.

  • Stone the Crones premier, Saturday 11 June

    Stone the Crones premier, Saturday 11 June

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