Jendayi Serwah, Noble Development Consultancy


“I worked alongside Beccy for 3 years in Bristol Cyrenians. She had a very person-centred approach to her work, building positive relationships with users of the service and being accessible to them as they navigated through their daily lives managing a range of issues emerging out of their status as homeless.

Beccy had a flexible approach to her work, was always patient and understanding and ready to work with the challenges of the day. She’s a great planner but was also great at making last minute modifications brought on by challenges of a very transient client group.

She was a fab team player with a very positive attitude and a pleasure to work with. One of the few colleagues I’ve wanted to remain in touch with after that period in the late 90s.”


Jendayi worked with Beccy at Bristol Cyrenians from 1997-1999. She is lead consultant at Noble Development Consultancy. Twitter: @unlockyounow