Chris Mitchell, Hack for Hire


“Beccy is a great presence to have in any office – smart, conscientious, always up for a challenge, and more than willing to get stuck in. Oh, and she’s funny too.

When I worked alongside her at The Spark, she always impressed me with her ability to juggle so many different roles at the same time. Whether it was administration or ad handling, running editorial pages or dealing with readers, organising meetings or keeping everyone’s spirits up as a deadline loomed, she always seemed to do it with a smile and a positive attitude. And it’s not just that she can manage a heavy workload, it’s also that she’s confident enough to suggest better ways of doing things.

Throw into the mix her technical abilities in areas such as proofreading, feature writing, news gathering and web publishing, and you are onto a winner – especially if your organisation is in the third sector, environmentally aligned or ethically minded, all things she has extensive experience in and knowledge of. So give her a ring or drop her a line!”


Chris was news editor at The Spark magazine when he and Beccy both worked there from 2003-2004. He offers freelance writing services, problem solving and information gathering.