As part of Holly’s 10-week Clown to Performance course in 2017 we each had a 5-minute slot to perform at the Wardrobe Theatre. The performance was improvised but in preparation we were charged with finding an inner clown part of ourselves and a game the clown wanted to play with the audience. Inspired by a trip to Cornwall and a meeting with a lighthouse, I found my Lighthouse clown who’s mission is to make friends and communicate with them.

(image credit Tom Farrant)

At first the lighthouse’s only language was Foghorn, but later they discovered their voice as a poet and wrote this poem.


I like being a lighthouse because

I get to turnaround slowly in a circle
(too fast and I might get dizzy)
I get to have a torch
I get to explore rock pools
I get to paddle in my wellies
I get to sea forage for barnacles and ocean weed
I get to see gulls swoop and soar and screech
	dolphins dive, whales sing and play
 I get to feel the power of the storm
	buffeted by the gales
	the surge and fury of the waves
	the force of the rips and eddies
	watch the moon guide the neap tide

I am elevated here, on rocky outcrops
where everyone can see
I stand out in the crowd
different from everything else around me
people make trips to see me especially
and write stories and songs
and have all sorts of billowy blustery thoughts
which may or may not be true
which may or may not really matter

I get to shout my head off - really loud - WAH!
and people say ‘Oh! Is that a foghorn?’
they’re not pissed off when I wail
they think my voice eerie, mournful, romantic, atmospheric
it reminds people that, way out here in the wilds,
someone cares, someone is looking out for them
their lives are important to someone
all human lives are  

I am a symbol of optimism when the way is tricky
a life buoy of hope in treacherous conditions
casting rays out into the dark and briny deep
I guide people, show them the way
shine a light on safe passage

I stand here proud to be me
with my torch
and my wellies
my exceptional way of being
and my singularly unique voice…

Oh! I see we are all lighthouse here!