Holly Stoppit Workshops: radministrator & poet-in-residence

January 2017 – present

Holly Stoppit is a performer, director, facilitator and dramatherapist. And teacher of clowns and fools.

“At the heart of all of Holly‚Äôs work is a desire to promote creative discovery and connection through play.”

I am Holly’s event coordinator and course administrator for her performance and personal development training courses for clowns and fools, under the heading of Holly Stoppit Workshops.

I am also Holly’s poet-in-residence, responding to performances and courses in poetry, sometimes writing live at events – reading my words at the close of the show – sometimes afterwards, incorporating words from performers, audience members and feedback forms to create collage-type poems, other times using my embodied experience to respond to what I have been part of.

Find my poems, and some videos of me reading them, on the Holly Stoppit website.